City Girl

The gallery’s association with Maruca Designs dates to the 1990s, when Kathy, then living in Denver with Jim, purchased handbags designed and sewn by Maruca Designs founder Rex Maruca himself.  When Jim and Kathy founded Small World 16 years ago in Lindsborg, Kathy remembered her beloved purchases from Mr. Maruca.  She knew his work would fit well with the gallery’s approach.

Today, Maruca Designs remains committed to the principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement’s philosophy of handcraft as promoting the social and economic health of the nation.  Each bag is hand cut and sewn in the U.S.  Maruca Designs creates concepts for its fabrics twice a year, and these designs are made in the U.S. by smaller independent mills.  As always, Maruca handbags hold up for years and offer multiple shapes and sizes to fit into a busy life.

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City Girl
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