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This cross is known as the pillow cross from the legend of St. Columba which tells us that Columba used a stone as a pillow.  One morning when he awoke, the image of the ringed cross is said to have appeared on it.  In the 19th century, in a field near Iona Abbey, a crofter plowed up an oval stone with a ringed cross carved on it.  Because of the legend, the stone became known as the Pillow Cross. This piece shows the pillow cross on one side and on the other has St. Columba's prophecy of the island, written in Gaelic:  "In Iona of my heart, Iona of my love.  In place of monk's voices will be lowing of cattle.  But ere the world shall come to an end, Iona shall be as it was."  1 1/4 by 1 inch cross

Iona Crosses: Faithful Design.  --  Artist Mhairi Killen, fresh from the Glasgow School of Art, made her working stdio in an Iona cottage in 1997.  It had been occupied for five generations of her family -- all offering their creations to Iona's many visitors.  Mhairi's detailed designs are collected under the name Aosdana. 

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