St. Columba's Pillow Cross small


This cross is known as the pillow cross from the legend of St. Columba which tells us that Columba used a stone as a pillow.  One morning when he awoke, the image of the ringed cross is said to have appeared on it.  In the 19th century, in a field near Iona Abbey, a crofter plowed up an oval stone with a ringed cross carved on it.  Because of the legend, the stone became known as the Pillow Cross.  1 by 1 1/2 inch cross (bail included)

Iona Crosses: Faithful Design.  --  Artist Mhairi Killen, fresh from the Glasgow School of Art, made her working stdio in an Iona cottage in 1997.  It had been occupied for five generations of her family -- all offering their creations to Iona's many visitors.  Mhairi's detailed designs are collected under the name Aosdana. 

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