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Tea Towels

Small World Gallery

A gallery. On Main Street. Small town. With roots around the world. Joy in connecting. Exploring, from here to there. In our lives -- and yours. "Delightful."  We make our stuff. We write notes.  We read books to children. Real People. Brick and Mortar.

One. Of. A. Kind.

Milky Way over the Flint Hills
Patterns of the Spring Burn
In the Storm
In the Storm
From $175.00
Sunset Stampede, Triple U Ranch
Votes for Women Tea Towel
Votes for Women March Tea Towel
Let Women Vote Tea Towel
Suffragette Tea Towel

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Our store

127 N Main St.
Lindsborg, Kansas


Mon - Saturday, 10 - 6
Sunday, 11:30 - 4

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