Small World Gallery

A gallery. On Main Street. Small town. With roots around the world. Joy in connecting. Exploring, from here to there. In our lives -- and yours. "Delightful."  We make our stuff. We write notes.  We read books to children. Real People. Brick and Mortar.

One. Of. A. Kind.


IBISwoman Jewelry from Kathy and Briana

When Kathy began her enormous bead collection she chose the name IBISwoman for her jewelry, reflecting her love for the enigmatic bird so beloved by the Egytians. Briana brought her formal art training to the mix, along with great style and skills in silverwork. Together they create the one-of-a-kind jewelry you can only get from...

Small World Gallery

Chrysoprase Post
Mixed Metal Post
Silver & Brass Link Earrings
Mixed Metal & Turquoise
Mondrian Inspired Scarf
Wild Cleomme Cotton Scarf
Bluebells Cotton Scarf
Trillium Cotton Scarf

World Class Photography from Jim

Jim's photography from around the world for National Geographic hangs in art museums, galleries and ... homes like your. Fine art prints are archival, limited editions printed by Jim to his exacting standards. Posters offer affordable ways to enjoy Jim's images. Greeting cards are an inexpensive way to share images that mean something to you with others you care about. Wall decor items offer beautiful display of images on canvas wraps, lustrous metal prints and stunning acrylic laminated prints with shadow frames, ready to hang upon arrival.

Isle of Muck - Scotland
Ben Nevis - Scotland
The Village, St. Kilda, Scotland
Pennan, Scotland

Our store

127 N Main St.
Lindsborg, Kansas


Current Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 10-4

Stay Safe - We look forward to seeing you

Tucson: Gem Hunting

Tucson: Gem Hunting

... For me, Tucson represents learning. Respected and knowledgeable people may be at any booth that you approach. It’s an opportunity to listen and evaluate.  Move along down the row, listen and evaluate. With several years of Tuscon shows under my belt, I now see materials better and ask deeper questions.
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Millefiori - Many Flowers

Millefiori - Many Flowers

Millefiori. You may guess it is an Italian word meaning something like “many flowers.”  Now I don’t speak Italian, but millefiori remains one of my most memorable words, layered with meaning deep and wide. That’s because one particular many-flowered glass bead from Italy helped set me on my current path. Here’s the bead, which is worked into one of my early IBISwoman designs. I wear it still.
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Introducing Amber

Introducing Amber

Amber’s ancient history is rich, deep and worldwide. It also can be complex.  

Amber is a tree resin that was fossilized from between 10 and 100 million years ago.  It is is an organic material, not a gem or a stone. Trees in the dense forests of the creta...
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