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A gallery. On Main Street. Small town. With roots around the world. Joy in connecting. Exploring, from here to there. In our lives -- and yours. "Delightful."  We make our stuff. We write notes.  We read books to children. Real People. Brick and Mortar.

One. Of. A. Kind.

Hinged Camera Necklace
Coneflower Earrings
Astrophyllite Necklace
Swedish Steamship Token Necklace
Milky Way over the Flint Hills
Sunset Stampede, Triple U Ranch
In the Storm
In the Storm
From $175.00
Cruising the Wild Alfalfa

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2019 The Year in Small World Photography

2019 The Year in Small World Photography

Every year has its surprises in my world of photography, and that’s the way it’s been for the last 35 years with National Geographic. This year will see a couple of trips back to Scotland, several print shows, lectures across the country and some workshop teaching. I'll also be working 
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Winter Refreshments

Lindsborg winter refreshments are being made for you.  
Winter serves up the chance to regroup, restore and explore.  It’s time to try something new.
To that end, Small World Gallery, the Lindsborg Community Library and other Lindsborg businesses and organizations are in the process if building a new series of classes and gatherings focused on January through March. These low-key moments are intended to bring relaxation as well as open doors.
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Luckiest Picture I Ever Took

Luckiest Picture I Ever Took

Makers Street upcoming event Pet-tember has me remembering the single luckiest picture I ever took — and it involved pets.

The Great Plains story for National Geographic was taxing my abilities. Lots of territory and a nebulous idea of what the essence of this prairie geography was all about. I’d driven thousands of miles from Texas to Montana (enjoying every mile, actually) when I found myself on an a very traditional farm (they still used horses for plowing) outside Medina, North Dakota. 

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