IBISwoman Kathy Richardson & Briana Zimmerling


IBISwoman Jewelry springs from Small World Gallery,  situated on a lovely brick Main Street in the creative small central Kansas town of Lindsborg, population 3,500.  IBISwoman designers Kathy Richardson and Briana Zimmerling find inspiration in the gallery's huge, global collection of antique, vintage and contemporary beads.  

Thinking together and individually, Kathy and Briana create designs that say more.  Kathy and Briana already have enjoyed building relationships with hundreds of clients from across the country who found their way to the brick-and-mortar Small World Gallery.  Thanks to the digital marketplace, you can browse part of the IBISwoman collection from afar -- and still tap into the range of creativity and fascinating bead inventory that distinguishes all things IBISwoman.

If you have questions on resizing jewelry, making a cousin to one of our previous pieces, or have suggestions or comments, give designers Kathy and Briana a note at smallworldgallery@mac.com. All of our jewelry is designed in a small Kansas retail and studio space, and we concentrate on one-of-a-kind pieces.

Nevertheless, we relish custom orders.  We have a lot of experience in listening to what our customers need and then creating with them the perfect fit -- be it for a piece of clothing, personal vibe, special occasion or just a dream.  Thank you again for taking a moment to visit us here on the web.


For wholesale - Call and talk directly to the IBISwoman designers at 785.227.4442

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