About Small World

Kathy & Jim

Jim and Kathy Richardson opened Small World Gallery in 2002 at 127 North Main Street in Lindsborg.  The gallery’s broad open spaces with a classic tin ceiling and original wood floors make a fine display space in front and working offices in the back.  They were joined by Bethany Alum, Briana Zimmerling, in Spring of 2009, and continue to work together to find new ways to share their passions with people all around the globe.
Visitors find that Jim’s many explorations of global issues and landscapes begin and end at the gallery, situated on a brick street in a culturally rich town of 3,500. On display are Jim’s large-scale prints of recent work, as well as posters and greeting cards from favorite subjects and locations. All are made in the gallery.

Jim Richardson said, “I feel lucky to have a base for my travels in a small town with big creative energy,” said Richardson, who has been photographing for the magazine since 1984. He also represents National Geographic in workshops, on cruises, and in keynote lectures, media appearances and social media. 

Also in the gallery Kathy Richardson offers a browsable collection of antique, vintage and contemporary glass, stone and metals that are used in designing her jewelry line called IBISwoman. Guests may select from earrings, bracelets and necklaces from the gallery display tables — or they may wish to collaborate with Kathy or IBISwoman co-designer Briana Zimmerling on a made-to-order piece. Sometimes these may be completed in the moment.

Kathy Richardson said, “We also love to help our guests discover other great Lindsborg shops, galleries and attractions, as well as our favorite places across Kansas.”
Jim and Kathy hope that their galleries carry on in the arts tradition of Lindsborg that has brought rich meaning and interesting ideas to so many.
127 N Main St
Lindsborg KS 


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