2019 The Year in Small World Photography

2019 The Year in Small World Photography

Every year has its surprises in my world of photography, and that’s the way it’s been for the last 35 years with National Geographic. This year will see a couple of trips back to Scotland, several print shows, lectures across the country and some workshop teaching. I'll also be working www.eyeson.earth, a blog about photography in the Holocene Era that I populate in partership with NG emeritus editor Dennis Dimick.
Sharing a few of the highlights:

January found me in Ames Iowa speaking to the annual Pioneer Agronomists meeting about food, agriculture and the challenge of feeding our hungry planet. (It also found me hurrying home right after the lecture to escape the arctic onslaught. Between Ames and Lindsborg the temperature went up 34 degrees that night.) 

February 19 I’ll be spoke to the Western SARE (Sustainalbe Agriculture Research and Education) in Bozeman, Montana. Once again I was talking about how we can feed our growing world.

February 23 my show Stars Above, Prairie Below opens at the Symphony in the Flint Hills galley in Cottonwood Falls. I’ll also be talking to the Symphony volunteers who make that great event possible.

March brings the Rock-a-Thon in Cuba (Kansas) which is a don’t-miss event in my book. 

The British and Irish Isles beckon in May with another trip aboard the National Geographic Explorer. This trip around the West Coast of Ireland, through the Outer Hebrides and then on to Orkney and Shetland is a favorite I’ve done a number of times before. I’ll keep you posted via Instagram along the way.   https://www.nationalgeographic.com/expeditions/destinations/europe/ocean/england-ireland-scotland-and-wales-a-circumnavigation/  

Early July will find me at the Santa Fe Workshops teaching a fun weeklong iPhone photography class.  This is a great creative outlet without the usual heavy equipment cargo of most photography assignments.  https://santafeworkshops.com/instructors/74/  

By August I’ll be back in Scotland aboard the Lord of the Glens, traveling down the Caledonian Canal and out into the Inner Hebrides, great territory I’ve worked for years.

I give a number of lectures along the way as well as just trying to make the trip a rich experience.  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/expeditions/destinations/europe/ocean/scotland-cruise/  

Later in August I’ll have a show and lecture at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where (once again) I’ll talk about world agriculture. 

Right after that in September I’ll do something similar in Vail, Colorado at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. 

September also brings the annual Summit Photography Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming, always a great experience because of a close gathering of faculty who are old friends, many from National Geographic. https://www.photographyatthesummit.com/nature/

More will come up along the way. For now, this is enough. Stop by Small World Gallery and can tell you more about these locations and other activities we have on tap this year.


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