The Successful Gift

   The gift-giver's dilemma. You know it. We all know it. The dilemma concerns kindly given and kindly received gifts that never just never find a place in the giftee's life.
   Every one of us wants to give -- and receive -- a successful gift.  
   On and here in our Small World Gallery workshop storefront, Briana and I do whatever it takes to make it easy for those who give and receive our designs.
   •  We offer gift certificates that buy a wonderful shopping experience with us -- online or in person.
   •  We gladly take returns, no matter whether a receipt is presented or not. Our work is distinctive and we recognize it immediately.
   •  If a piece needs shortening, lengthening or otherwise tweaking, we do it at no extra charge. To anyone. Period.
   •  We recognize that both gift givers and gift receivers want to avoid embarrassment, so IBISwoman never quibbles.  We have 11 years'  experience making our gift-giving customers look good and our gift-receiving customers feel good.  
   • IBISwoman measures success by satisfaction. The bottom line takes care of itself.
   Fear not.  The successful gift is at hand.  Let us know if we can help you.
Kathy Richardson

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