This? Or that? IBISwoman says both.

"Be bold with color and experiment with new and unexpected mixes." -- Nanette Lepore, US fashion designer (1946- )

"Stick with what looks good on you!  Just because a color may be in, it might not be right for you."  -- Nicole Miller, US fashion designer (1952- )
When it comes to colors of personal ornament, which is best?  Be experimental or tread a reliable path?
We hear our customers having this debate as they browse the IBISwoman collection here at Small World Gallery in Lindsborg,'s home base.  
We hear and understand:  If you buy those earrings with vintage yellow bicones as centerpieces, will you love them tomorrow?
Our suggestion at IBISwoman:  It's just a pair of earrings.  If you change your mind, send them back to us and let's chat.
The world of personal ornament is fraught with meaning -- most of it bound up in unstated self image and social perception.  It is an often contradictory world. 
If selecting a color that takes you into new territory, we say hooray for your experiment.  Sensibilities of the moment are urging you to try on a slightly different personna.  Earrings are a small stage on which to step out.
If selecting a color that reinforces and soothes your sensibilities, we also say hooray. Everyone loves  that confident, easy feeling.
IBISwoman supports the paths of experimentation and reliability.  For Briana and me, the bottom line is whether our customers are happy after the sale.  We want to embolden you to new ideas while providing favorite and go-to colors.  
That's why our exchange or refund policy is so flexible.  In our approach, we're aiming for what makes you satisfied.
As always, let us hear from you.
Kathy Richardson

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