Goodbye April - Hello May

Goodbye April - Hello May

It all starts with the early morning songs -- first whispers, then bold melodies.  Spring is carried along on the breeze, through open windows, greeting us with a new day.

I’ve been enjoying time in the gardens with the family.  Moving leaves, introducing small sprouts to the warmth of the soil and looking forward to sunny days to come.  Garden planning is coming along. So many new seeds and varieties to explore. Much of my transplanting and separating of established plants is finished, and all plants in their new locations were welcomed with rain.

Happily all six of our backyard chickens are actively laying, a delightful change from the slow winter production. We even have enough eggs to share with my fellow gallery peeps.  Oliver and Twyla, my two oldest children, can frequently be found “liberating” the hens from their coop, free to scratch and explore the fresh garden beds. Now if they could learn *not* to scratch and uproot my new transplants! 

So here I am, waiving goodbye to a cool April, and facing the warmth of May.  May it bring many eggs, healthy plants, and happy kids!

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