Limited Time: Gemmini Pottery

Limited Time: Gemmini Pottery

My work is created on the wheel using porcelain clay. I trim the foot after it's been thrown, then pull and attach the handle. After I have my blank canvas, I then mix 2 underglazes to create a gradient, and then apply my cloud shapes on top. Once it dries, I then freehand carve through the underglaze to reveal the clay underneath. I fire the piece, I then apply 8 different glazes by hand and fire the second and final time. 

My favorite part of my work is the juxtaposition of the overglazes and underglazed sgraffito design. The fluidity of glaze and the crisp lines have such a synergy together. Especially when the glaze becomes slightly translucent and you can see the leaf underneath! 

I attended Bethany College from 2009-2013 and played Women's Basketball and majored in Art Education. I took my first ceramics class with Caroline Kahler in 2011 with no previous experience in clay. I learned how to throw, but more importantly, how to create and synthesize. My classes and experiences in Mingenback are what I credit to my success as a potter and art teacher. I graduated summa cum laude (2013) with a BA in PreK-12 Art Education with a dual emphasis in Ceramics and Painting.

I am currently the 3D Instructor and Department Chair at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa. It is the top high school in the area (#2 in the state overall) with over 1400 students. Last year, our art students were awarded over $48,000 in scholarships. We offer introductory and advanced classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, commercial art, AP 2D and AP 3D. 

Gemmini Pottery mugs available in-store for a limited time.  Stop in and see us!

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