Books We Like 3

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!
Karen Beaumont

This is my main staple in the book collection.  This book started it all.  I recommend this book to all ages!



The Journey
Francesca Sanna

An absolutely beatiful story on why a family might migrate.  The illustrations make the idea attainable for children, allowing everyone to step into the shoes of a family fleeing.

Hansel & Gretel
Rachel Isadora

I will forever love the illustrations of this author.  I carry as many of her books as I can.

Rachel Isadora

This book introduced me to the work of Rachel, a fairy tell every princess should have on hand.

Red Yellow Blue
C.G. Esperanza

Vibrant, playful, imaginative, just to name a few.  Any artist can learn from this book, but it's perfect for introducing color theory to kids.

The Book of Mistakes
Corinna Luyken

Great for any and all ages!  It all starts with one little mistake.  Instead of quiting, you see how the artist morphs that mistake into something greater.

Rad American Women A-Z
Kate Schatz

I'm all about "girl power" and have started a modest collection to reflect that.  Here is a perfect start to your own child's collection! 

Amelia Earhart
Ma Isabel Sanchez Vegara

From the Little Peple, Big Dreams series.  This Kansas woman rocked the world with her aviation.   Now you can share that story with the illustrations of Mariadiamantes.

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