Stuff We Like

Here at Small World we tend to carry items we ourselves enjoy/like.  Because of our revolving inventory, and being a small gallery (with small staff) we can’t possibly sell everything we have, online and in the gallery.  So we do have some “exclusive”  items you will only be able to find when you visit our Brick and Mortar.  Take a peek, then stop in and see us!


Children's Books

Small World, mom to 3, Briana Zimmerling, has been curating our book collection the past 8 years.  If you follow the link below, you can check out a sample list of some of our favorites.

Books We Like


Seed Savers 

We don't simply carry seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa, we grow them, too! Last year we  produced a vibrant and sweet crop of beets, carrots, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and more.

The Art of Seeds 


Retro 51 

"Life is to short to carry an ugly pen"  We carry the rollerball style of Retro 51 pens.  Always try to keep refills on hand  -- and an array of interesting designs.



Handmade Scarves

With a revolving inventory, we work with U.S. makers specializing in the handmade. Upcycled vintage kimonos-turned-scarves. Fiber "necklaces." We feature soft, flowing and interesting here.

Maruca Handbags

Kathy fell in love with Maruca Designs when she lived in Denver.  She always said if she were to have her own shop, she would carry Marucas.  Stylish always -- and they weather the active lifestyle.

Field Notes 

Always on hand. Field Notes never fail!  Our favorite set is the Kansas County Fair edition. 


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