Why IBISwoman?


It is a common -- and quite a logical -- question: "Where did the name IBISwoman come from?"

As the person who concocted the name, let me explain by rolling back into time and space (and the mists of my own mind) to ancient Egypt.

Does anyone remember the Egyptian myth of the ibis-headed thoth?  It is a creature with a bird head on a human body.  Its profile is elegant with the ibis' long downward-curved beak, making it unmistakable in the pantheon on Egyptian symbols.  The ibis-headed thoth is often depicted carrying a tablet.  It is considered The Scribe who created a system of writing and the writer who captures all, seen and unseen.

This version of the ibis-headed thoth is what I had in mind when considering IBIS as part of the brand name.  As a former newspaper reporter and communications director,  I sought a symbol to help bridge my past profession as a wordsmith with this new creative endeavor.  It was a security blanket, reminding me of what I had learned as I was began down a new path.  I was scared, and it felt good to cling to what I knew.

Next month IBISwoman will celebrate its 11th year, and the name has come to mean far more than a bridging symbol for me alone.  It is now come to be associated with clients from coast to coast who love one-of-a-kind jewelry and beads with a story.  It has come to represent the creativity of two designers, now that 24-year-old Briana Zimmerling has joined in the effort.  IBISwoman has come to represent a web-based showcase here at www.ibiswoman.com as well as a working design studio with an extensive collection of antique, vintage and contemporary beads and findings inside Small World Gallery.  All in a storefront on the bricked Main Street of a creative central Kansas town.

So the answer to the question "Where did the name come from?" is simply this:

IBISwoman came from stories of the Egyptians and stories that I could not imagine.

What fun!  Thanks for joining with Briana and me on this journey.

Briana Zimmerling


Briana Zimmerling

I am so grateful for your forum.Really looking forward to read more. Want more. Naufzinger

Briana Zimmerling

Kathy, I don’t need a thing. I am really glad that you are doing
well. I stumbled on your website last night. I like what you are
doing, looks like you are creative. It is hard to believe that
40 years have gone by. Just wanted to say hello.


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