What's Your Color Zeitgeist?

    Zeitgeist.  It's a German word roughly meaning "spirit of the age."  No matter how fragmented or diverse our world, we still try to describe the general outlook of our times -- its spirit, taste, mood, feeling, narrative, characteristic.  
    In the 1950s, a description of the zeitgeist might well include the word conformity.  In the 1960s, the zeitgeist might be partially defined by a place called Woodstock.  The zeitgeist of the 1970s might include self-help books. 
    What is today's zeitgeist?  
    If we turn to an international color forecasting publication called The Pantone Report, today's mood is described in color:  Emerald Green, Tangerine Tango and Sodalite Blue.  These colors are popular now, especially on clothing, shoe and accessory racks.  Pantone advisers say this combination of colors communicates elegance and sense of well-being with a dash of warmth and energy.  It is a perfect color antidote for our merry-go-round world spinning and tilting with technology and economic shifts.
    You also will see Emerald Green, Tangerine Tango and Sodalite Blue in the latest designs here at IBISwoman.
    Do IBISwomen truly care what colors are being predicted or prescribed by a secret panel of international colorists in The Pantone Report?  The answer is complex.
    On one hand, IBISwomen love color.  They relish exploration.  They enjoy the spur of the moment, the dash to difference. 
    But they also like what they like.  No matter what the Pantone Report says, IBISwomen always are attracted to their go-to color combinations -- mixes of red with black, silver with gold, and pinks of all shades. 
    At IBISwoman Jewelry, Briana and I enjoy and follow the contemporary marketplace's interpretation of the color zeitgeist.  Yet we also remain focused on finding new ways of presenting your favorite colors and combinations using materials that have a story.
    What's your color zeitgeist?  Please let us know.
Kathy Richardson

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