Kurbit Enthusiast

Kurbit Enthusiast

Carla Griffith’s Wilson of Lindsborg is an accomplished painter of kurbits, an historic Swedish symbol of heavenly protection.  Next time you’re in, take a look at Carla’s new offerings, including 3- by 3-inch acrylic on canvas kurbit paintings with wooden easels.  Little pieces of heaven — and marvelous gifts to tuck into suitcases.

Let’s review.  What *is* a kurbit?  The Swedish word comes from the Latin cucurbita, a plant with gourds and leaves.  In the late 1700s, Swedes began painting stylized kurbit designs on walls, cabinetry and paper.  They chose this theme because o the biblical story of Jonah, who sheltered under the leaves of a huge gourd plant in the desert.  God was said to have placed the gourd plant for Jonah’s protection from the burning sun.

As are most Swedish kurbit painters, Carla is self-taught.  Kurbit painters are becoming more difficult to find in Sweden and are even more rare in the U.S.  Carla is a longstanding student of Swedish culture and folk art.  She also is co-designer of Lindsborg Swedish Folkdräkt, a new series of folk costume designs inspired by the people, history and culture of Lindsborg and its Swedish immigrant founding.  Lindsborg is only the second U.S. city known to have its own Swedish folk costume.

If you’re hoping to wish someone protection and safe passage, Carla’s work makes a delightful option.  She also accepts commissions. Just call on us; we can show you options and put you in touch.

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