Turkish Shoes

Turkish Shoes

When we opened Small World Gallery in April 2002, it would never have occurred to us that we would offer Jim’s prints in 40 inches by 12 feet.  Or create our own jewelry designs using ancient Roman Empire glass or rare stone cabochons. Nor did we envision stocking unusual vintage kimono jackets from Japan via a designer in Colorado. Or wool-cashmere jackets sewn by an Eastern European designer.

It’s 2018 and now the gallery is offering... shoes. Yes, shoes. Like everything else in this gallery, this footwear has a delightful story and link to creative history.

Anatolia Shoes are handmade by experienced craftsmen in Gazientep, Turkey, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and known for fine shoemaking for 700 years. Many styles and making techniques seen in Gaziantep workshops today are similar to those originating in the Ottoman Empire. Fast forward to 2017: Anatolia Shoes is founded by Habes Kaplan of New York and born in Gaziantep.  Habes wanted carry on the proud tradition of his hometown.  Small World Gallery was introduced to Habes’s company by his mother-in-law, who lives in Kansas and loves wearing her buttery Anatolia Shoes.

Impressed with the look and story, the gallery got a pair of Anatolias. Our Briana gave the Gazi Premium style a spin, then fitted her one-year-old daughter Theo in a pair of red Babeks by Anatolia.  “The shoes seemed to fold automatically around my feet,” said Briana. “We couldn’t really get Theo to fit in or wear any shoes — until we tried the Babeks.”

We’re having a good time representing Habes and all the craftsmen associated with Anatolia Shoes. So here’s your invitation to try on this next amazing thing we found and brought to Lindsborg.  Come see us — and by the time you arrive we might have other cool new things to show you.

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