Radical Tea Towels

Small World Gallery celebrates a century of women’s suffrage with tea towels that will stand the test of time.  They feature classic poster art of the early 20th century as well as relevant quotations of figures past and current.  Made in the UK with water-based inks and U.S. cotton by a family-owned and -operated business, Radical Tea Towels. Also appropriate for wall hanging.
Radical Tea Towels
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Desmond Tutu Tea Towel
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tea Towel
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tea Towel - Green
Votes for Women Tea Towel
Votes for Women March Tea Towel
Let Women Vote Tea Towel
Bugler Girl Tea Towel
Suffragette Tea Towel
Washington D.C. Tea Towel
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Emily Davison Tea Towel
Empire State Tea Towel
Anarchist of Chicago Tea Towel
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William Morris Tea Towel
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Jane Eyre Tea Towel
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Alice Paul Tea Towel
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Emma Goldman Tea Towel
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John Brown Tea Towel
George Washington Tea Towel
Maya Angelou Tea Towel
Charles Dickens Tea Towel
Christina Rossetti Tea Towel
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