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The last month Jim and I have been working to revamp our presence online --  overhauling the website, reviving the Small World Gallery and IBISwoman Instagram feeds, staying active on Facebook, writing blog entries, and jumping on the point of sale system.  We have been busy to say the least!

For me, an exciting part of Instagram is being able to share the thought process behind our designs. We can share sketches, inspirations, musings and insights connected to our small world.

Jim volunteered to start photographing our jewelry for the website and Instagram.  I always love getting a chance to watch him work.  I don’t think he fully understands what he signed up for; he just does such a great job. I think he will have a permanent position as jewelry photographer, haha.  

There wasn’t anything wrong with our website, but we felt we wanted to refine how we present ourselves here at Small World. More than anything, we want to focus sharing experiences and interest -- and hearing them from our friends and customers.  So we re-worked the website to focus more on those stories, which lead to new blogs, social sharing and newsletters.

I continue working on my 2018 goal of being organized (see my last writings).  Keeping track of every first and third Tuesday newsletter. Finding consistency in social sharing and blog postings. Getting time for silver work is also easier with scheduling. 

Turquoise Pin Sketch  Sketch and Bezel
Set Bezel and Sketch Final Turquoise Pin
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