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This? Or that? IBISwoman says both.

When it comes to colors of personal ornament, which is best?  Be experimental or tread a reliable path?
We hear our customers having this debate as they browse the IBISwoman collection
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That New Old World Wonder

That New Old World Wonder

From chains on holy men's necks to amulets looped onViking warrior vests, metals announced to any knowledgeable viewer the wearer's skills, travels, triumphs -- even clan or birthplace.
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What's Your Color Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist.  It's a German word roughly meaning "spirit of the age."  No matter how fragmented or diverse our world, we still try to describe the general outlook of our times -- its spirit, taste, mood, ......
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Why IBISwoman?

It is a common -- and quite a logical -- question: "Where did the name IBISwoman come from?"
As the person who concocted the name, let me explain by rolling back into time and space (and the mists of my own mind) to ancient.....
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